Heidelberg four-color offset printing press

Heidelberg four-color offset printing press is a common mahine which we used during printing.

We have 3 four-color printing presses which are used to print different sizes.

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.

One of the important functions in the printing process is prepress production. This stage makes sure that all files are correctly processed in preparation for printing. This includes converting to the proper CMYK color model, finalizing the files, and creating plates for each color of the job to be run on the press.

Offset lithography is one of the most common ways of creating printed materials. A few of its common applications include: newspapers, magazines, brochures, stationery, and books. Compared to other printing methods, offset printing is best suited for economically producing large volumes of high quality prints in a manner that requires little maintenance.[8] Many modern offset presses use computer-to-plate systems as opposed to the older computer-to-film work flows, which further increases their quality.


Duplex press

A perfecting press, also known as a duplex press, is one that can print on both sides of the paper at the same time.[17] Web and sheet-fed offset presses are similar in that many of them can also print on both sides of the paper in one pass, making it easier and faster to print duplex.


Folding machine

A folding machine is a machine used primarily for the folding of paper. We always use it to produce inner pages of catalogue,notebook,diary,book etc.

Folding machines exclusively used for folding paper are commonly referred to as paper folders.

Entry-level paper folders require that the folding plates be adjusted manually, with fold settings specified on the folding plates. Higher-end paper folders will electronically adjust the folding plates for added precision and convenience. Both usually have fine tuning knobs for precise adjustments.

The fold type in a buckle folder is set by adjusting folding plates. Most paper folders allow for a wide range of fold types. Right angle folds require the paper to rotate 90 degrees also known as an 8-page or a right angle. More folds can be accomplished by the use of a 16-page and 32-page unit.



Embossing machine

Embossor is an important equipment for the surface finishing of paper products, plastics and leather.It is widely used in packaging decoration, product advertising, book cover, coloring box, invitation and other special product surface embossing. The embossing process can increase the product's aesthetic and decorative art effects and improve the quality of the product.


Creasing machine

The creasing machine,also can called Dumor,which is a machine for cutting a variety of sheet materials, such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic and leather. Widely used in the printing, packaging, decoration and plastics industries. There are manual creasing machine and automatic creasing machine.

It needs the Knife plate to finish the final shape.It is a very important processing before making the finished products.


Sewing machine

Sewing machine is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on a sewing material to interlace or stitch one or more layers of sewing material.

The sewing machine can sew cotton, hemp, silk, wool, rayon and other fabrics or leather products, plastic, paper products and so on. The stitches are neat and beautiful, flat and firm, fast sewing speed and easy to use.

We have 10 Sewing machines to produce the non-woven/cotton/oxford/canvas bags, and the inner pages of notebook.


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