How to Choose a Canvas Tote Bag?

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Everyday summer I pay special attention to the canvas bag, not only bcz it's light and spacious, but also very refreshing. What‘s the most important is that people have a chance to directly express their attitudes and ideas. It can be said that it is a simple but complex and interesting existence.

Canvas shopping bags may be the lowest threshold for making bags. It is played by the designer as a creative carrier, but also plays the role of some people and the surrounding products of the brands.


match of canvas tote bag

When it comes to canvas bags, it's more than just a shopping bag. In the streets of fashionistas, it has long been a fashionable weapon. 

When it comes to canvas bags, it's more than just a shopping bag. In the streets of fashionistas, it has long been a fashionable weapon.

Karl Lagerfeld used a shoulder bag with his name printed on it.


How to clean canvas tote bag?

Eco-friendly shopping bags can be reused, which can effectively reduce the consumption of disposable plastic shopping bags. In the global trend of plastic reduction, people in many countries have switched to using environmentally friendly shopping bags for shopping. However, for many years, scholars have called on shopping bags to be thoroughly washed every time they are used up, so as not to become a channel for spreading diseases.

In 2018, researchers from the School of Public Health of Loma Linda University sprayed a spray on volunteers' shopping bags to simulate Norovirus. The concentration of the spray was also designed to be the same as the virus concentration in the body fluids of infected people.

Although each volunteer only touched a small part of the store, with the contact of everyone's hands, spray particles were finally found on the shopping cart, cash register, clerk's hands, agricultural products, and many food packaging. Among them, the concentration of people's hands and the cash register is the highest.

Please refer to the washing symbol on the shopping bag to determine the correct cleaning method. Most canvas shopping bags can be put in the washing machine to wash. In order to prevent the bag from tangling, you can use a laundry bag to put the shopping bag up and choose the hot water washing program of the washing machine.

If conditions permit, it is recommended to put the washed shopping bag in the dryer to dry it, so that it can be cleaned more thoroughly. However, it should be noted that the baked canvas shopping bag may shrink. If it is not convenient to dry with a clothes dryer, hang the shopping bag in a well-ventilated place to dry.




How to find good canvas tote bag manufacturers?

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